Monday, December 8, 2008

Whole Foods build healthy spines

A company is actually standing up to the government:
Whole Foods sues FTC, says agency violated rights

WASHINGTON (AP) — Natural grocer Whole Foods is suing the Federal Trade Commission, saying the regulator violated its due process rights in an antitrust dispute.

Whole Foods Markets Inc. acquired Wild Oats Markets in 2007 but has been in legal battle with the FTC since then over the deal. An administrative hearing on the case was scheduled to be held in February.

Whole Foods says in a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court Monday that the FTC is pre-judging the facts and rushing the case to trial.

Lawyers for Whole Foods say it is the first case of its kind against the FTC in nearly 50 years.


  1. If I have understood the article correctly, this battle is a legal battle only. Of course, a courtroom is not the proper place for debating morality in particular or philosophy in general. Still, I hope I am not revealing cynicism when I say I doubt WF is fighting a moral battle too.

    Did they support President Obama's election? If so, it will interesting to see what they have to say when Congress begins revising business regulations and Obama's staff invites supporters to give input.

  2. The statement that "it is the first case of its kind against the FTC in nearly 50 years" suggested to me that it might be more than merely a "legal" battle.

    And even if Whole Foods does not intend its stand to be taken as a moral one, it may still have significance as such.

    In any case, it is always significant when anyone stands up to the antitrust bullies for any reason - which was my primary motive for posting this piece.