Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Armstrong rallies against stimulus

Ari Armstrong at has posted a series of in-depth entries analyzing the "Pork Roast Rally" (great name!) to protest Obama's signing of the stimulus package in Denver on Tuesday.

Here's his comment that I think does the best job of summing up the proper response to all the BS from both sides:
" . . . the Obama "stimulus" package is bad, and so was Bush's. This is a view rooted in the ideas of liberty, not party politics. I am perfectly happy to condemn Republicans and Democrats alike for violating economic liberty and individual rights."
Some of the speakers at the rally made great points, too:
Jim Pfaff: "Stimulus is when individuals and businesses are able to take their own decisions and go out and make a life for themselves. To pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Shawn Mitchell: "If the problem is that people are borrowing too much on credit cards and on home equity, how does it help things for the federal government to shove us aside and show us what a world-class credit binge looks like?" (Talk about dead on!)
Overall, Armstrong feels the rally was a mixed bag with too little emphasis on liberty and too much on distracting GOP partisanship. For instance, why was Tom Tancredo there, talking about illegal immigration?

Still ya gotta love it when Democrats get compared to Bernie Madoff.

Here's where to go to read Armstrong's analysis:
Pork Roast Mixes Liberty, Populism, and Partisanship

Stimulus and Partisanship
Armstrong has pics of the event, too:
Pork Roast Rally in Photos

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