Sunday, November 22, 2009

Socialism or Theocracy?

Last night's Senate vote to begin the debate on health care was made possible by the Religious Right, which pushed this country into electing a Democratic majority.

Let's not forget that one of the major reasons the federal government is currently controlled by Democrats is because the American people do not want the Religious Right to have the power to turn this country into a religious dictatorship. The results of the last election are due to the Religious Right's pursuit of their so-called "culture war" and their drive to remake this country as a "Christian nation" - which is something America never has been and never should be.

The battle for freedom can only be won by recognizing that it is only a secular government that can genuinely protect fundamental individual rights.

The battle against socialism can only be won by recognizing that when such things as health care are granted the status of rights, it destroys the concept of rights, which actually pertain only to freedoms of action, not to entitlements.

Ayn Rand described the true nature of rights in her essay, "Man's Rights".

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