Friday, February 5, 2010

Corporations come in all sizes

I like this letter about the Citizens United decision in this morning's The Oklahoman:
Not all alike

The left is going bonkers over the recent Supreme Court ruling that reinstated the right of corporations, just as for other groups of organized citizens, to free speech (political speech). Especially vocal has been the media who denounced the ruling, stating that this would allow the deep pockets of these organizations to "drown out the messages of candidates” and unduly influence the voting public. These talking heads from NBC, CBS, ABC, New York Times, etc., seem to ignore the simple fact that they’re all owned by corporations. Apparently they’re OK with corporate influence as long as it’s a "media” corporation doing the influencing!

While most of us think of a Microsoft or a General Electric when someone mentions corporations, thousands of small corporations are owned by individuals and families that will also be able to participate. And it’s foolish to think they’d all be on the same side of every issue, therefore providing competing resources for both sides. Does anyone think Google and Disney would view energy or environmental policies in the same way that Exxon or Chesapeake might?

While there is much angst over this ruling by the left, the Founders’ principled idea that, when it comes to political speech, more speech is far superior to less, has been furthered by this ruling. The left will perhaps now be forced to argue more persuasively than it has in the past, rather than simply resorting to demonizing its opponents.

Steve Curry, Oklahoma City
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