Saturday, March 6, 2010

Supreme Court to Legislature: "Stop wasting time and money on unconstitutional laws."

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Oklahoma Supreme Court Tells Legislature: Stop Wasting Money on Unconstitutional Laws

EXCERPT: In a strongly worded "excoriation" of the Oklahoma state legislature, according to Stephanie Toti, a staff attorney at CRR, the Supreme Court ruling calls the passage of these laws "a continuous failure to abide by the Oklahoma constitution."

The Supreme Court ruling released on March 2, 2010, confirmed the lower court ruling on SB 1878, the 2008 law requiring mandatory ultrasound viewing. This was part of a bill that included a veritable menu of other anti-choice provisions including mandaes for the posting of signs in abortion clinics stating that a person may not be coerced into having an abortion procedure and for the information physicians provided to their patients about RU-486. The ruling states:
"We are growing weary of admonishing the Legislature for so flagrantly violating the terms of the Oklahoma Constitution."
The Oklahoma Supreme Court goes on to state that violating the OK Constitution over and over again in relation to the single-subject rule ("Over the last two decades we have addressed the single subject rule at least seven times") is:
"...a waste of time for the Legislature and the Court, and a waste of taxpayer's money."
Thus is exposed the hypocrisy of those who support such laws, who tend to style themselves as "constitutional purists".

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  1. Thanks for posting on Facebook. Hypocrisy is so blatant and rampant, it is hard to keep up with these "neo-purist" rednecks.