Sunday, October 31, 2010

Go Stephen Bailey!

Go straight to Washington!

Stephen Bailey is an Objectivist who is running for Congress in Colorado. Bailey is running against incumbent Jared Polis. Polis is Gay, and so am I, and under other circumstances I might allow that fact to have more influence on my opinion of his candidacy. But in the current situation there are far more fundamental issues that must be considered, such as Freedom and Individual Rights.

Since Bailey is running in Colorado and I live in Oklahoma, I do not have the opportunity to vote for him. So I will simply say that I think he is my idea of an ideal candidate, and I regret that there is no one running for office here in Oklahoma that comes close to him.

I offer this partial evidence of the basis of my enthusiasm: two quotes concerning welfare from his campaign website. I am indebted to Ari Armstrong for bringing them to my attention by posting them on his website.
. . . morality presumes a choice, the freedom of action. If someone steals from you and gives the proceeds to a charity, did their act of theft make you any more virtuous? No, you had no choice in the matter. Is the thief any less of a thief because he gave the stolen wealth to charity? No, he is still a thief.
A brilliant identification.
Our welfare state programs are called entitlements. The damage to our values and civility created by entitlement programs cannot be overstated. When people believe they are entitled to something, then they will demand that they get it. They will behave in an angry and belligerent manner as long as they perceive that their entitlement is being withheld. Instead of gratitude, the deliverers of entitlements are treated, at best, with indifference and, at worse, contempt.
Well, this explains the behavior of certain gangs of hooligans in Europe.

Almost makes me wish I lived in Colorado. I would love to be represented in Congress by Mr. Bailey!

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