Thursday, November 4, 2010

A comment

"Jim, Oklahoma city" posted the following comment to The Oklahoman's editorial, After GOP rout, voters expect new direction, cooperation in Washington, which ends with the words: "Having secured their place at the conference table, Republicans shouldn't let these words cross their lips: "We won.""
Jim, Oklahoma city

"We won". There, I said it.

I'm tired of this false propaganda campaign about "bipartisanship". Imagine how much nicer WWII would have been had we "cooperated" with the Japanese!

We have two opposed ideologies at war in this nation. The socialist idea that people are just cogs in the great machine, and that they do not have a right to property or to self-determination, and the individualist idea that each man is an individual, that he does not live for the benefit of the collective, that nothing should be taken from or required of him which he is unwilling to give or do, as an individual.

I don't want bipartisanship or cooperation in this battle. I want the wrong side to come over to the right side. I want the socialists to open their eyes and embrace the wisdom of individual liberty. To cooperate with an immorality is to commit an immorality. And chaining a man's aspirations, his productivity, his soul to his neighbor's is such an immorality, and should be opposed by all liberty-loving individuals.
To which I say, "THANK YOU, JIM!"

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