Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Of Conservatism, Ayn Rand and Tea Parties

In his latest post at Rule of Reason, Ed Cline contrasts conservatives' reactions to the publication of Atlas Shrugged 50 years ago with criticism by today's conservative idealogues of the Tea Parties.

Cline quotes William R. Hawkins:
"More precise thought needs to be given to what the protests are about if effective reform is to result. The cry cannot simply be to oppose ‘government’ per se. In a major financial crisis like the current one, when comparisons to the Great Depression are not unwarranted, it is the responsibility of the Federal authorities to take action to stabilize the economy and lay the groundwork for recover."
This reminds me of the rhetoric used by many members of Congress - including some from Oklahoma - to explain their support for the bailout.

Cline reminds us that Ayn Rand was "neither an anarchist nor a libertarian".

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