Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What I'm doing now

Well, obviously I'm no longer posting here, but I noticed recently that this blog is still getting a good amount of traffic. So, why not come and check out what I'm doing now? My efforts these days tend to focus on Facebook - so "like" my Page!

My current project is Oklahomans for Individual Rights.
The mission of Oklahomans for Individual Rights is to promote Freedom for the sake of Freedom by advocating for the reduction and restriction of government at all levels to its sole legitimate function: the protection of individual rights.
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    You might be interested in knowing that Brad Williams (in Portland) has formed Oregonians for Individual Rights. Its purpose seems to be the same as for your group.

  2. Interesting. Thanks! I wasn't aware of them. I see they started in 2009 - which predates my project.

  3. how i wish people like you is present in all parts of the globe. somebody who can fight for individual rights.