Thursday, July 17, 2008

Letters to the editor

I sent a letter to The Oklahoman in response to a letter they ran on July 12th. I haven't seen it yet on their website - - so it looks like they're probably not going to print it.

Here's the letter I sent:

In his letter to the editor which you printed on July 12th, Philip W. Smith upholds Original Sin, which is the idea that all human beings are evil monsters by definition. I reject his view of human nature as I reject his morality, which holds that human beings are both unworthy and incapable of living their lives by virtue of the fact that they are human beings - that is, because they survive by means of reason, which is somehow fatally flawed and thus unable to allow us to comprehend reality accurately. I reject this argument, as I reject all the straw men which have been devised to undermine reason over the millenia. It is not reason which is flawed, but the view of reality of those who seek to undermine it, as well as their motive for doing so, which is, invariably, power-lust. Human beings are eminently capable - by means of reason, which is our tool of survival - of accurately identifying the actual facts of reality and using that capability to successfully live in reality. Far from making human beings monsters, this actually makes us eminently innocent by definition, and thus, potentially exalted, glorious and heroic.

Rob Abiera

This is the letter I was responding to:

As ministers, Scott Jones and Jeni Markham Clewell (Your Views, June 28) express support for "hate crimes” legislation and their desire for a "compassionate” society expressed via our laws. Yet they demonstrate uncompassionate hearts by normalizing homosexuality. They should be ashamed because they ignore the sinfulness of man and denigrate the righteous moral law of God. The very definition of "justice” is exclusive; building a society that rejects immorality is one that exclusively seeks justice. Jesus Himself is quite exclusive: "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me,” He said.

True compassion proclaims His truth and law, demonstrating that all of us are sinners and guilty of vast rebellion; this should pierce our hearts, lead to repentance and have us rely upon His grace through faith. Paul stated in Galatians "that the law was put in charge to lead us to Christ, that we might be justified by faith.” This truth is the only remedy to our hate-filled society!

Finally, I don't care if Jones and Clewell think I'm full of "hate.” I will always say that homosexuality is an example of the depravity of man; luring them away from Christ's shed blood is another. Jones and Clewell should stop reforming society through the normalization of unrighteous behavior and start fighting for the truth!

Phillip W. Smith, Oklahoma City

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