Monday, July 28, 2008

Response to Letters to the editor

Well, The Oklahoman has printed a response to my letter of July 18th. You can read it here: - scroll down to the second letter, under the heading Evil by nature.

Mr. Smith's (Bren Smith, this time) letter is not really worth responding to, though I will note that he seems to expect me to use reason to reject reason in favor of "grace", which, as I see it, is merely another word for authoritarianism.

And even if I wanted to reply, The Oklahoman's rules make it impossible: they won't even consider another letter from me for "28-42 days", according to their "guidelines".

However, I could leave a post in the online comments section, if I wanted to. But that section seems to be dominated lately by one Bert of Henryetta and I think my post would get lost among his trivia. Though, if I thought it was important enough I wouldn't let that stop me.

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