Monday, June 15, 2009

Elon Musk: what can I say?

I used to really admire Elon Musk. Then he started running to the government begging for handouts. What, Elon? Don't you have enough confidence in your projects and yourself to do the extra work it might take to find enough private investors?

But this takes the cake: Elon is now stepping up and volunteering to run Detroit. Sounds like Mr. Musk has heard there might be an opening in the government soon for a new post: car czar. Of course Mr. Musk doesn't want to be car czar, he just wants to run things.

Uh, Mr. Musk, if you really want to run America's auto industry, do it the old fashioned way: buy it.

With your own money.

Because if you're volunteering to run it for the government, that's all the proof necessary that you are the last man for the job. Because if you really were qualified to run the auto industry, you'd know that the government is the reason that industry's in the shape it's in right now.

Oh, and as for this:
“I said, ‘Let’s make a rule: There will be no assholes.’ I fired someone for being an asshole. And I only had to do that once, actually.”
Well, I could say something, but I won't.


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