Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sally Kern tells a whopper

Forget Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Forget the Federal Reserve - and Alan Greenspan. Forget Countrywide. Forget everything else you've been told about the true cause of the economic crisis.

Sally Kern's here to tell us what really happened! According to her "Oklahoma Citizen's Proclamation for Morality", the economic crisis was caused by abortion and homosexuality and other well-worn religious right straw men - supposed manifestations of a "downturn of morality", not by the government's efforts at forcing altruism on all of us.

The cause - as well as the solution - is morality alright, but which one? Poor Sally dares not question her own Christian version of altruism because if she did she'd find it was merely the same anti-self code practiced by the liberals she loves to hate. But the fact remains that it was the government's efforts to promote home ownership without the responsibility to go along with it - including coercing banks into giving loans to people who would not be able to repay them - that is the direct cause of the housing collapse which led to the crisis.

And while Sally seems eager to pin the blame on Obama, the fact remains that much of the fault for creating this crisis lies with people who were motivated by their own Christianity to attempt - suicidally - to put selflessness into action.

Sally, doesn't the Bible say something about not bearing false witness?

No, Sally, this crisis was not caused by abortion or same-sex marriage. It was caused by altruism in all its variations, religious and secular.

And the only real cure is not more mindlessness, selflessness and sacrifice.

The only real cure is rational selfishness. It is people who are rationally motivated by selfishness to reject a government that would coerce them into practicing values they have not chosen for themselves. People who accept the facts of reality and understand that responsibility is only possible to those who are free to accept it and act on it.

There is no such thing as "responsible freedom" or any other kind of conditional freedom. Responsibility is possible only under freedom for the sake of freedom.

That is the only kind of moral revolution that will make the future of the human race possible.

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