Tuesday, August 11, 2009

OK town halls OK so far

(Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

The Oklahoman has a story this morning on town hall meetings being conducted across the state by members of Congress.

According to Frank Lucas' press secretary, Leslie Shield,
. . . about 250 people showed up for the meeting in Altus, "which is huge."

"In general, people have been more frustrated than usual," she said. "They don’t seem to be as angry as some of the (town hall crowds) you see on TV. People are just frustrated right now and they don’t think their government is listening to them."
Why isn't the government listening? A commenter - Amber, Norman, 9:05 AM - provides a clue in the form of a her interpretation of a letter by Tom Cole:
While I appreciate your opinion, I believe that you sent me to Washington so that I can decide what is best for you and vote accordingly.

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  1. The audacity of politicians who do as they want instead of what their constituents want is commonplace today-after all, this is a dictatorship. We ask them to give the (central bank) Federal Reserve a full audit, instead Obama appointed the same man who was instrumental in the drastic decline of our economy in the first place. We ask for Tort Reform, but since the majority of government are lawyers, they ignore our pleas. We plead with them to deport the illegal immigrants and shore up our borders, but they just ignore us sending more troops to fight pre-emptive wars abroad. We demand that they drop the public auction from the healthcare bill, but they are going to force it through anyway. And, after they give all of these illegal aliens amnesty, they will then be handed healthcare coverage at the expense of taxpayers - hence - with all of these aliens on board, the democratic party will have a stronghold on this country. The email that was sent to me sums it up: "If you cross the North Korean border, you will get 10 years hard labor. But, if you cross the US border, you will get a drivers license, a social security card, and free healthcare. I am ashamed of our so-called leaders. I may be a registered democrat, but I plan to do my very best to take back our country. I truly believe that if the democrats push through the healthcare bill in its present form with the public option, there will be a REVOLUTION in this country. If Libertarian Ron Paul ever runs for President again, I will devote myself to his campaign. He believes in the Constitution, he believes in the Bill of Rights. If you listen to him on YouTube, you too will be a convert.