Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why I'm not going to the Tea Party

When the Tea Party movement first began over a year ago, I shared the concern of many over the threat to liberty represented by the expansion of government pursued by both Democrats and Republicans. I was wary, however, of religious conservatives who had a history of hiding behind free market rhetoric to put over their theocratic agenda. While I hoped that those involved in the movement would realize that the cure for excessive government is to uphold the principle of liberty, I feared that the movement could be misused by those who are, in fact, the enemies of liberty.

Across this nation, there are many - including Objectivists - who have worked inside the Tea Party movement to advance the cause of liberty by upholding the principle of individual rights. Unfortunately, here in Oklahoma the Tea Party movement now appears to have been completely co-opted by the Religious Right. There will be two Tea Party rallies at the Oklahoma state capitol building today and tomorrow. Though the two rallies are being organized by two different groups, both will feature, as speakers, candidate for governor Randy Brogdon and Fairview Baptist Church pastor Paul Blair.

As a member of the state senate, Randy Brogdon has been intimately involved in all too many efforts to incorporate religious dogma into state law.

Paul Blair is the founder of Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ and the current national director of Reclaiming America for Christ, both organizations devoted to injecting religion into politics and government.

I refuse to support a Tea Party movement which chooses to be represented by those who I consider to be a direct threat to my freedom. This is why I will not be attending either of the rallies.

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  1. "the Tea Party movement now appears to have been completely co-opted by the Religious Right"

    If you just leave, can you really say that it has been co-opted?

    THAT is exactly why you SHOULD be there-the movement has been abandoned by true liberty advocates. Same problem with the GOP.

    Defend Liberty-Show Up!