Friday, September 5, 2008

Louisiana update

Let me say this as clearly as possible, so there can be no mistake about what I mean: there is no controversy. Just because a few misguided so-called scientists question the validity of the concept of evolution doesn't mean there is a controversy. ... The fact that some people believe nonsense does not give that nonsense scientific credibility. Any 'science' teacher who teaches that the earth might have been created about 6,000 years ago and that all the material evidence that it's billions of years old is controversial is simply incompetent.
That's American Society for Microbiology and Molecular Biology president Gregory A. Petsko referring to the Louisiana Science Education Act in the August, 2008 issue of ASBMB Today - as quoted in today's Evolution Education Update email newsletter from the National Center for Science Education.

That same issue also includes an overview by ASBMB policy fellow Angela Hvitved of the creationists' latest strategy of pursuing legislation to promote their agenda under the guise of 'academic freedom'.

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