Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pipes in Tulsa

Darn! I just found out that Daniel Pipes spoke in Tulsa last night! Oh well, I probably wouldn't have been able to attend anyway, but still, I like to think I'm on top of what goes on in the state. Speaking of which, I wonder how the OK office of CAIR will respond to this?

Here's the report from conservative Tulsa blogger Michael Bates. I'm not going to reproduce the links to video and other sites - you can use the link to go to the original post for those.

Daniel Pipes: "Vanquishing the Islamist Enemy and Helping the Moderate Muslim Ally"

My oldest son and I attended Tuesday night's speech by Middle East scholar Daniel Pipes, sponsored by sixthirtyone, TU's conservative student association and newspaper. The speech was well attended. There were no protesters. Four Tulsa police officers were there to keep an eye on things.

Pipes's speech, "Vanquishing the Islamist Enemy and Helping the Moderate Muslim Ally," was a clear and concise identification of the enemy in the global war on terror. The enemy isn't terrorism -- terrorism is a tactic. The enemy isn't Islam -- to say so is ahistorical, turns friends into enemies, and leaves the US with no policy options. Pipes pointed out that the current threat is only a few decades old.

The enemy is a terroristic, extreme, totalitarian form of Islam: Islamism, which like Fascism and Communism before it, sees America as an obstacle to its goal of worldwide hegemony.

Following the speech, Pipes took questions from the audience. (Video is being uploaded.)

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