Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sally Kern vs. Ron Marlett

Sally Kern, the woman who achieved fame earlier this year for claiming that homosexuality was a bigger threat to this country than terrorism, is running for re-election. This time, she has an opponent. His name is Ron Marlett. His campaign website is at

I think that people like Sally Kern having the power to force their views on others is a bigger threat to this country than homosexuality - or terrorism, for that matter. So long as Kern remains in office, she will be a walking, talking violation of the separation of church and state.

A story on the race in today's The Oklahoman quotes Kern as saying
" . . . I was running as a decidedly Christian candidate because I believed we were in a cultural war for the very existence of our Judeo-Christian values."
It is the separation of church and state which protects Kern's right to her values. It is Kern herself who is undermining that very protection.

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