Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Inhofe: I voted no.

Senator Inhofe deserves credit (no pun intended) not just for voting no, but for immediately sending an email to his constituents to let them know how he voted and explaining why and to top it off he invites us to send him our feedback!

Can you tell that he's running for re-election?

Inhofe does not deserve credit for voting no for the wrong reasons: he's not against a bail-out, but he wants to drag his feet about it. Basically I think he voted to pass the buck back to the House.

Well, he's asked for it: I hope a lot of people tell him exactly what they think of this.
The Senate just voted on the bailout, and I voted no.

After spending time in Oklahoma meeting with my constituents, local business leaders, and elected officials, I could not, in good conscience, vote to approve a massive taxpayer-funded rescue plan that was so hastily crafted.

Too little time was allowed for reading and comprehension of this bill. Insufficient time was allowed for proper discussion and debate on a bill with a $700 billion price tag. $700 billion dollars of your taxpayer money.

Certainly our nation faces a financial markets crisis that requires action. Unfortunately, it remains unclear if this bill is the right action. I believe it is much more important to get it right than to rush it through.

My vote tonight was against the Paulson plan, not against taking extraordinary action to provide necessary confidence to financial markets. The plan before us would have bureaucrats in Washington attempt to do what the experts on Wall Street can't do - value troubled assets.

From the very beginning, it was the Paulson plan or no plan. It is Congress's duty to examine its options, deliberate, come to a decision that has the support of America, and act. I regret we were not allowed to do that.

Jim Inhofe

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