Monday, October 13, 2008


From today's The Oklahoman:

Typical politicians

I’m disappointed in Sen. Tom Coburn and Rep. Mary Fallin for voting for the second bailout bill. I voted for Coburn and Fallin to stop pork-barrel projects and to uphold the Constitution, things they both swore to do when they got to Washington. I wanted someone who’d take a stand against corruption and wasteful spending in Washington, but Coburn and Fallin have become typical politicians.

Do they think the common people who contacted them in protest of the bailout didn’t know that this might hurt us for a while? It might have hurt us, but it was better than going down the road to socialism!

Michael Markum, Edmond
Here's one from Sunday:
Either way...

Regardless of how the economic vampires in the banks, their corporate and government minions and their buddies in the Fed are portrayed sympathetically by the media, they’re still thieves. Their apologists sanitize their past and present actions, attempting to justify bleeding our economy dry to pay for their fraud, waste and abuse. Government officials and journalists who aid and abet these thieves are accessories to the crime.

Officials in the government, corporate executives and the bankers who subsidize them insist that all hell will break loose if we common citizens aren’t made economic sacrificial animals. What they don’t tell us is that all hell will break loose if we give them what’s left of our economic lifeblood. Either way, we’re caught. The truth of our economy teetering on fake currency and widespread criminality is coming to light in spite of the whitewash.

Will we meekly consent to being bled by these vampires, fearful that if we rock the boat, we’ll lose what little we have left? Or will we educate ourselves as to what real money is, how a truly free enterprise system works, and stand up for our unalienable rights? Do we consider our lives worthy of economic and political freedom? Time will tell.

Ruth McReynolds, Oklahoma City

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