Tuesday, November 18, 2008


From an email posted to a list by a teacher at one of Oklahoma City's high schools:
Today at the big assembly ( . . . ) Kirk Humphreys, acting as the Emcee, introduced Cliff Hudson the former President of the OKCPS Board practically announcing he had chosen him for that post.

He then went on to praise the work of MAPS for KIDS, and made the following statement that I recorded:

"MAPS for KIDS had two fathers. It was Cliff Hudson and me. And we were equal partners."
Kirk Humphreys is the current president of the Oklahoma City Public Schools Board. What really makes his statement funny is that a few years ago, Humphreys was the mayor of Oklahoma City, and, as mayor, once ordered the removal of light pole banners advertising the local Gay Pride Parade - leading to a successful lawsuit against the City.

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