Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Meanwhile back on the national level

That slap in the face I mentioned? It's got the Republican Party trying to figure out how to keep from becoming an Oklahoma fiefdom. This presents a sterling opportunity for everyone who has an idea on how the Party can spring back in 2010. I see Paul Hsieh's excellent LTE on the subject is getting noticed in places like Hot Air and Little Green Footballs.

I got a rather interestingly worded email today from the RNC:
As we as a Party regroup after our near miss in the presidential election, we must reflect on what our Party has done well and what we can improve moving forward. It is for that reason we have created a new Web site for you to share your thoughts on the direction of the Republican Party. Please take a moment to visit www.RepublicanForAReason.com and create an account to begin the dialogue.

The Republican Party has always been the party of reason and hope, and I strongly believe we will continue in this tradition as we work to the future.
Republicans are the party of REASON? Who are they kidding? No mention of religion or values - especially their cherished "family values"? Oh wait, it does mention Sarah Palin elsewhere in the email.

Wow. How the mighty are fallen. And how the fallen are eager to sell-out the evangelicals. Or so we can only hope.

But the 'Party of Reason'?

I'm not holding my breath.

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