Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Republicans take control of Oklahoma legislature

Republicans in the rest of the country may have been slapped in the face on November 4th, but here in Oklahoma, the situation is exactly the opposite. Republicans have taken the majority of seats in the Oklahoma House and Senate, and if their leaders are to be taken seriously, they intend to keep right on making the same religion-based mistakes that cost the Republican Party its stake in the federal government.

Newly-elected senators were sworn in today, and according to Senate president pro tem Glenn Coffee,
"I am excited about working with our leadership team and the entire Republican caucus to advance pro-family and pro-jobs issues in the state Senate," (emphasis mine)
Oklahoma's Republicans still seem to think that the road to victory is paved with religion - albeit, sugar-coated with a little economic freedom.

I don't know if it was the Left or the Right that came up with the stereotype that only Christians support Capitalism, but I do know that conservatives still buy into it and liberals still use it to attack conservatives. If the encroachment of religion into government is ever to be stopped, this false "package-deal" with Capitalism must be exposed.

Both the Left and the Right need to learn that Capitalism is fundamentally incompatible with Christianity.

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