Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Are conservatives going to save socialism again?

This title of a post at Ego sums up my sentiments regarding the so-called health-care "debate" exactly.

Some debate. Conservatives are scrambling over themselves to offer the same health-care industry take-over as Obama - and they have the nerve to call it an "alternative". Yes, that includes "true-blue" (or maybe I should say "true-red"?) conservatives such as Coburn and Fallin - even Jim DeMint!

Oh wait - it was a conservative who started this current craze in the first place: the "ultra-conservative" Mitt Romney in Massachusetts (as pointed out in the post I linked to).

The hypocrisy of conservatives would be laughable were it not for the fact that it's MY FREEDOM that's at stake.

They're ALL addicted to government.


  1. Your comments confirm my view that the Right includes all those individuals who support individual rights, rational egoism, reason, and a lawful natural world; and the Left includes both conservatism (valuing God, Tradition, Nation, and Family) and "progressivism" (valuing Society, Community Participation, and Tribalism).

    Both Leftist subgroups are statist, altruist, mystical, and ultimately supernaturalist (in one form or another).

    For a lengthy discussion of the epistemological issue of defining "right" and "left," some of your readers might like to read:

    Or they can go directly to the comments section to see Ron Pisaturo's summary.

    And, for a concise definition, they might read "Rightists vs. Leftists" in The Ayn Rand Lexicon here:

  2. Burgess - this issue of re-defining the Right has been simmering for some time. I'm inclined to agree with Harry Binswanger on this, who said - in one of his posts to his List some time ago - that the Right should be reserved exclusively for those who uphold individual rights, and the Left should be the place for EVERYONE who espouses any kind of collectivism, be they liberal or conservative.