Friday, July 10, 2009

Twittering OCON

Some interesting tweets at #OCON this morning:

Apparently, Objectivist historian Eric Daniels holds that the slaves weren't freed by Christianity. I've seen quite a few claims from religionists here that it did. Daniels says they are misreading the historical data.

Daniels also says the way to respond to claims of the Constitution being a religious document is to look at what ministers of the time thought of it.

(via KendallJu - apparently not all tweets tagged #OCON are showing up in searches this morning)


  1. The slaves were never freed, they just were nationalized.

  2. By the end of the horrific US Civil War, the slaves were indeed freed -- from chattel slavery. I would much rather have been "nationalized" in the 1870s than chattel in the 1850s. That was progress.

    In fact, former slaves were not "nationalized." That term, conventionally used, refers to the idea that a property or organization is owned by the nation state. If individuals living in the US in the 1870s were "nationalized," they certainly seem to have had a lot of liberties -- something missing from nationalized industries elsewhere.