Friday, July 31, 2009

Town halls gone wild

Constituents dissatisfied with the performance of their representatives in Congress appear to be turning increasingly to their Congressperson's town hall meetings to make their feelings known, according to this story on Yahoo!

It will be interesting to see how the town hall meetings of Oklahoma's Congressional delegation go during the August recess.


  1. Thanks for drawing attention to the article. It is a brief article but it brings up a lot of issues:

    - A politician who packs his meetings with "the people" with his own supporters can use those meetings as evidence of "popular support."

    - These meetings have been available all along, apparently, but opposition political activists are only now using them to make the point that there is opposition. Why?

    - Opponents who act as emotionalists do show that there is opposition, but they discredit themselves if they don't have intelligent questions and aren't knowledgeable about their subject.

    If you attend one of the meetings, I hope you will report on it.

  2. Burgess - I doubt I'll make it to any of those meetings if for no other reason than that they tend to be scheduled at the most inconvenient possible times for the average constituent with a day job to attend.