Saturday, August 23, 2008

Behind the curve

Apparently, Southern Baptist Convention official Richard Land has not seen the results of the latest Pew survey. According to an article in today's Oklahoman, Land "has a few words of advice for secularists: "The country has made the decision that they want more faith in the public square.”"

Oh really?

I find this passage interesting also:

"Land said he is encouraging evangelicals to vote based on their moral convictions and not necessarily their thoughts about the economy. "They need to make certain they are informed and know where their candidates stand on the issues,” he said. "Your convictions and values should override your narrow economic standards.”"
Coming from someone like Land, this sounds to me like code for: "Forget your quaint notions about limited government, we need more faith-based bureaucracy!"

The article also quotes someone calling Land the "consummate culture warrior.” I hope Sally Kern doesn't get too jealous.

I wonder if The Oklahoman religion editor Carla Hinton will be doing a follow-up on this.

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