Friday, August 15, 2008

Social Security

Yesterday, August 14th, was the anniversary of the passage of the Social Security Act. Roosevelt signed the Act into law on the date in 1935. Local Democrats held a celebration at the state Party headquarters here in Oklahoma City.

Social Security is now out of control and is one of the main factors in the currently ballooning federal budget. Democrats cannot be held solely responsible for this. The Republican Party leadership has abandoned their commitment to limited government and plunged headlong into corporate welfare and faith-based bureaucracy.

Unfortunately, this is a trend that seems likely to continue regardless of which party's candidate attains the presidency this year. Reversing this trend cannot be a political project alone: it requires reversing Americans' acceptance of the moral premises underlying Social Security and a return to the pride and independence which would motivate them to provide for their own future and retirement.

This is a moral crusade, not just a political one.

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