Friday, August 22, 2008

Response to Diana's LTE

Well, The Oklahoman giveth and The Oklahoman taketh away, I suppose: my exuberance over the printing of Ms. Parker's column this morning has certainly been tempered by a certain amount of chagrin over the discovery that today's edition also contains no less than five - count 'em, FIVE - letters responding to Diana Hsieh's excellent LTE of the 14th. I don't really want to call them rebuttals since they all basically repeat the same old anti-separationist, theocratic tripe. And I certainly can't say I'm surprised that The Oklahoman has done so - even though it does seem like overkill, printing FIVE rebuttals to only one letter.

But between those five letters and the Parker op-ed, it does make me wonder just what's going on with the editorial staff over there on North Broadway.

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