Friday, April 24, 2009

Chambers lobby against stem-cell bill

I usually find myself disagreeing - rather vehemently - with the overt promotion of corporate welfare conducted by the Tulsa and Oklahoma City Chambers of Commerce.

However, I am delighted to find myself agreeing with the Chambers in their opposition to the stem-cell research bill vetoed by Governor Henry. It takes a lot for organizations like them to stick their necks out on an issue like this in a place like Oklahoma. I hope they will speak out in support of the separation of church and state in the future.
Journal Record: Group lobbies against stem cell bill; legislators fail to override veto (registration required)
The Chambers were joined in their lobbying efforts by the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, whose spokesman, Adam Cohen, provided my favorite quote from the Journal Record article:
"the most effective research takes place when scientists have free range to follow their intellect."
Emphasis mine!

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