Sunday, April 26, 2009

Must-see TV

The Ayn Rand Center's Yaron Brook is now a regular on Pajamas TV and will be appearing at least every Friday to discuss current events with host Allen Barton and Terry Jones, associate editor of Investors Business Daily.

In the latest edition of PJTV's Economy and Financial Review, the topic is "Obama's First 100 Days": the staggering growth in government power is examined and possibilities for the next 100 days of the Obama administration are considered.

You might not want to watch this one too late at night. The picture that emerges is not a pretty one - and the indications that Obama may be setting his sights on the health care industry and environmentalism - in the form of carbon trading - are frightening when one considers the possibility of the government extending its power over what could amount to twenty percent - one-fifth - of the country's economy.

The situation is made worse because there is no effective opposition from Republicans on these issues. As Brook points out, the Republicans concede the basic premises of the Democrats on health care and the environment and publicly espouse the same goals in slightly diluted form.

And THAT is the real danger.

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