Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quoting the Partyers

When I attended the Tax Day Tea Party here in Oklahoma City on Wednesday, I was standing across the street from the State Capitol building amongst a crowd of people that overflowed the South Steps and spilled across the street into the parking lot south of the Capitol. The sound system used by the organizers was just barely adequate for such a turnout: while I was able to hear much of what was said by the speakers, there was a fair amount that was lost in the crowd noise, people on cell phones behind me and news helicopters flying overhead. Even if I had moved closer I think I still would have missed some of it - not just from the crowd noise but from allowing myself to be distracted by my desire to observe goings-on away from the podium.

According to a commenter to my previous post on the event, I may not have got the gist of what one speaker was saying correctly. I did not record the speeches, nor did I take notes, and my remarks concerning what was said were based on what I remembered after the fact.

I think the organizers would really help their case if they would post transcripts of the speeches that were made yesterday. Until then, Michael McNutt's report for The Oklahoman contains a few quotes from some of the speeches.

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