Friday, April 17, 2009

Today's LTE's

While I can admire the emotions expressed in at least a couple of the letters in today's The Oklahoman, specifically those by Wayne Hess and Dickie Betts, I note that they are unable or unwilling to consider the deeper, philosophical causes of the situations they are so justifiably frustrated with.

Were they to do so, they would at least discover why they are justified in their frustration.

They would also discover why Steve Byas is maintaining a contradiction when he declares that Tom Tancredo and Mitt Romney are proponents of individual liberty - when they are both, in fact, theocrats who advocate laws based on religious dogma.

This, to me, is evidence of the correctness of those who say that the spirit of the Tea Party movement cannot be maintained without an intellectual foundation.

And further, that it cannot be maintained without a positive focus. It is not enough merely to fight against higher taxes and government expansion. We must fight for the thing that gives meaning to the fight against higher taxes and government expansion: Liberty.

To do so, we must fight for the thing that gives Liberty meaning: the absolute right of an individual to live his own life for his own sake.

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