Friday, April 24, 2009

Tulsans oppose Ten Commandments monument

Here's a report on a forum in Tulsa to discuss Mike Ritze's proposed Ten Commandments monument on the State Capitol grounds.
EXCERPT: "All of the questioners in the audience, save one, was against the monument. (emphasis mine - Rob) Some of them were outright angry about it. Midway through the Q&A period, they stopped asking questions and simply spoke their minds. When Dr. Gray decried the hostility toward religion, and posited that those who do not believe in God are practicing a “faith of their own,” he was loudly booed by nearly the whole room. Leah Farish was taken to task for suggesting that a belief in a “higher power” would make legislators think twice before acting immorally. A woman from the audience resented the notion that we need the incentive of “reward and punishment, carrot and stick” in order to be moral. Thornton apologized if he had given any impression that atheists were not moral."
Wow! Not exactly what I expected from Tulsa, which I had come to regard as something of a hotbed of theocracy. If that's changing, I'm overjoyed to see it!

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